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…if My People… is a story that not only identifies but offers a solution to the racial divide in America.

“Yet forty days and America will be overthrown,” this is what Pastor Lev receives in a dream. He shares it in a video that goes viral, prompting America to fast, pray, and seek the face of God. Pastor Lev’s own church suffers from racial disunity and at the risk of losing his pastorate, he presses, because God has a plan.

Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Christians, non-Christians, Black Israelites, the KKK, Catholics, Protestants, and Atheists converge on small town in Virginia; some to seek God, others to expose Pastor Lev as a fraud. Together they confront their issues head on, ultimately concluding that the Bible has the answers to save the nation (II Chronicles 7:14).

About 1922 Productions

We Create out of the Box, Realistic, Faith-Based & Family-Friendly Film, TV & Multimedia

Mark David Kennerly started writing in 1988 and in 1996 developed the business plan for is now 1922 Productions. 1922 is based on the next Bible verse, 1 Corinthians 9:22, and was made an official LLC in 2018 and again in 2022.

In 1994 Mark surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and from 1996 to 2014 the creative gifts and talents for entertainment were shut down.

In 2014 the Lord released Mark to dream creative dreams again and utilize the gifts and talents He bestowed upon him imagine, but this time also receive fresh manna and instructions from heaven.

Together Mark David and Kimberly, the dynamic duo, executive produced their first short film, Conquering Fear in 2018. They followed up and shot their first feature film …if My People… in 2020 during the height of the COIVD-19 Pandemic.

Kim joined the ranks of the entertainment industry in 2021 and is a growing and thriving Talent and Literary Agent with BH Talent. Their senior pastoral assignment is over, and they now serve as overseers of Impact Christian Church, having turned over the reigns to an anointed and appoint team that trained and developed under their leadership.

The Kennerly’s relocated to Georgia in 2021 and continue create and develop faith based and family friendly film, tv and multimedia and equip the Saints via this online school, Perfecting the Saints for the Work of Ministry, aka Perfecting School www.perfectingschool.com and at www.got-connections.com.

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